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Monday, 1 February 2010

Tentative Steps

One thing I shall mention from the outset, I share my home not just with my partner Nath' (who will sometimes post on here too I hope), but also with a menagerie of animals: My 4 retired Greyhounds, Amy, Bobbie, Lenny and Jack and my 2 budgies Hugo and Charlie. Greyhounds, being the athletic little blighters they are can easily leap fencing, in fact all of our perimeter garden fencing is 6 ft high, so the preparation for any sort of successful vegetable garden is fencing, fencing , fencing!

I bought sections of lattice fencing, about 3 feet high, with the help of my dad they've been cut to fit and slotted in and a temporary gate made at one end.

There's a fantastic software tool for people like us, wanting to set up a new vegetable garden and maximise it's potential, it's called Grow Veg.Com. I subscribed to a free 30 day trial and made my plan according to the measurements we made. Can't wait to see how it pans out.