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About Us

We are Bex and Nathan and 3 fantastic Greyhounds, Amy, Bobbie and Jack. R.I.P little Lenny

Bex Says:

Welcome to my garden and it's blog! This is me, I write 99.9% of the blog because 'im down there never gets round to it.  I'm Bex - a 30 something quazi-goth red head from the Midlands (uk), with a mischievous nature, and a longing to be a country dweller...I'm not though (more's the pity). I'm into gardening (obviously), Greyhounds (strictly anti racing, I've rescued a few), knitting, climbing mountains, animals, crafts and making stuff. At the moment I'm into minimal waste living. The hounds are mine, I had my first Greyhound, Amy in 2004 when I bought my first house, I wouldn't be without them now, they are such a kind, gentle, noble breed. They are all skinny little muffins, but rest assured this is because they are old as the hills (10 up to 14yrs). My eldest dog Lenny died in 2012 at 14, very sad, I miss him lots.  The blog is called Laker's Garden because Lakers Amy was my dog Amy's racing name. Here's the rogues gallery! (click to get better sized picture)

Nathan Says:
 I too am a 30 something goth type, and am getting into the crafting and reusing and making stuff theme. I fail to paint wargames figures in lieu of a more productive hobby, and I also love cooking and entertaining.