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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The big clear

So yes, small kids and gardening are not an easy mix! Yesterday I started digging out perennial weeds. I've decided that once the frost has improved by Jerucalem Artichokes I am eating most of them *parp* and giving away the others for planting in early spring. They are a bit too happy in the garden and are trying for world domination, taking up two areas. Get back, damn you, get back! 

Today I will be planting 3rd hand raspberry canes, which I have mistakenly left in water for a week. Will they grow? I have literally no idea! Also will be trying a spot of permaculture land care by laying dead leaves, and cardboard and topping with compost. I don't have much time for weeding and the middle bed is basically grass at this point!!

Also I need to ban Nath from the compost bin as he's loaded so much scorching chicken run waste that the worm content is basically nil and it stinks of ammonia. I've compensated with dead leaves and comfrey leaves. Hope that works.  Also on the cards will be relaying the wee'd barrier on the paths...its overrun!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Summer 2016!

The garden needs a GIANT overhaul, since having a baby I did nothing to it, I let nature crawl all over my raised beds,  and barring the passing and aquiring of chickens nothing much happened. So here I am, back on the blog and back in the game. Did you miss me? Oh  well...Here're a couple of pictures from this weekend:

Salsify have self seeded across the patch, the roots are big and the flowers are about 3ft! They open in the mornings and close in the afternoons!

Ok so my fences sorely need a paint, but I did pretty them up a bit with some recycled bottle top flowers. 

My dwarf cherry tree has never yielded a single cherry, now I know why, pigeons!! I have fixed loads of holographic tape to the mid parts of the branches where they have yet to reach, and a wind catcher we bought on holiday. I'm determined to eat at least one flippin' cherry!