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Monday, 2 July 2012

Broad Beans

This is the first year ever that I have grown broad beans.  Despite being a vegetable grower there are quite a few veggies that I am really not sure about; beans being a prime example.  I have an issue with beans, from runner beans that make your teeth squeak (argh!) to the weird furry mouth texture that broad beans create for me. However, spurred on by watching an episode of River Cottage Everyday where Hugh's life-long broad bean hating friend was converted by his ideas, I took my River Cottage Every Day cookbook in hand and went for the Broad Bean Hummus recipe.  

You can see so far the harvest has not been great, although to be honest I only grew them at all because I had free seeds with a magazine and a lot of spare ground in autumn.  I did a few myself and gave the rest to dad for his garden.  There are lots of not yet ripe beans hanging on the plants, so I can do this again, good news!

Broad Bean Hummus, not much to it ingredients wise, but it tasted lush with a pitta bread.  Not at all like broad beans usually do, just fresh and summery  Top tip for ya! Use a pizza cutter to slice your pitta bread into strips after popping them in the toaster, you'll avoid getting singed fingers trying to cut them (they get sooo hot!)


  1. Broad bean houmous is a favourite in the SR offices!

  2. It was sooooo nice - and like scarybex, I don't even like broad beans!

  3. I wonder what it taste like. Thanks a lot for the share. Nice page!

  4. Fresh and green and mildly beany. You should try it :)


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