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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Chickens

This rather gorgeous little point of lay hen is a Crested from Heidi's Happy Hens.  We were determined to restock the chooks since we'd suffered a few unavoidable losses (from soil eating, of all things) and were down to Nessa, the ex battery hen and Isabel the White Star. For ages and ages I had wanted some form of Cotswold Legbar hybrid, partly because of the beautiful feathers and punk haircut, and partly because they have an 80% chance to lay a blue/green egg.  So now we have Rosie!  She hasn't starter to lay yet, I think it's a tad too nippy still and she's still maturing.  I am hopeful though!  The other chicken is a Copper Black and her name is Mabel.  She's beautiful too, and should in time lay darker brown eggs.

Here they are in the cat carrier (best way to transport a couple of chickens!).  The cat carrier is also ideal for freaking out people at the vets who peek in hoping to see a lovely cat *evil grin*

Here are all 4 chickens in the Omlet Eglu (with run extension).  They need the bottom of the run levelling and re-filling, as you can see they have performed some major excavation work!  Also please note, white chickens do not stay white for long!

"Whatchoo lookin at?"


  1. They're lovely :)
    Have you got the double run extension? If so how the hell do you stop it from being about three inches in the air at the door end!?
    I weight down with bricks and tent pegs but it doesn't really work and it's not safe at all until the grass grows over the skirt and reigns it in!

  2. I always seem to type 'weight' when I really mean 'weigh'! :/

  3. Yes it's the run extension A one, just 1 extra metre. Hmm,sounds like your ground isn't flat maybe? Ours is flush to the floor, though it is weighted anyway all the way round with massive stones from the ex rockery bit. Looking forward to a new post about the giant pink cube soon!

  4. That's a great shot of Izzy, really captures her inner chicken :D

    The Eglu - we've a single extension, and we weighed the edges down with big rocks. Which the girls then buried with the floor of their run, so it's about four inches deep soil across all the skirts!

    And about a four inch drop on the inside of course :)


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