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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nether Wallop Trading Paper Potter Review

Morning, happy Easter!  I have been Missing In Action on this blog, it took me a good long while to get around to doing anything much in the garden, you think it will be easy when the baby arrives, once you've got over the initial shock and 'gear change', but there is always so much to do, growing my own food took the back seat.  Hopefully though, and little V is now on her feet the summer will be full of wonderful days that the two of us can spend time together outdoors, and I can become reacquainted with my veggie plot.  I have planted my tomato seeds already.  Nothing is up yet though.

I made a review of the paper pot making tool I use for my seeds. Deeeeply unflattering angle, but you get the idea!

 Maybe you will remember the pots from earlier posts made to this blog, here you can see then with some pumpkin seedlings in them;

They perform much better than you would imagine, holding up nicely when waterlogged.  I write the name of the plant on the side in permanent marker.  Saves that 'ummmm...what was this?!' moment (we all have them).

If you want to try one of these yourself please have a look at my new venture!  I have become a Wikaniko distributor, not heard of them?  My shop sells all things 'green' and better for the planet (plus some specifically vegan stuff).  Amongst them are quite a few innovations for the garden, including the Nether Wallop Trading Company Paper Potter, and also matching oak dibbers and pot brushes.  I even bought my tomato seeds from there this year!  There is loads of other great stuff too, if you fancy a look  Please go and have a look around, tell me what you think, highly recommended :)

Other seeds this year will be from Simply Seeds (I love that place) and the fabulous The Real Seed Catalogue.  Can't recommend them enough :)

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