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Monday, 23 August 2010


The chickens have arrived! We picked them up in the afternoon from the BHWT, where a nice lady had the task of catching the remaining chickens in the circular holding pens. She passed us these 3 ladies pictured above, and we packed them into a box where they quiety sat for the journey back. When we got them home we showered them with a bit of red mite powder (as we were told them may have a few from living in the battery sheds) and popped them through the Eglu run door. The sad chicken faces I'd seen as I peeped through the box turned to curious chicken faces as they scratched the ground, ate the grass and investigated the 'glug' and 'grub' (food and water holders). As you can see their feathers are in a state, one also has a bare neck which you can see on this photo:

Their names are Clara (bald necked but very brave far left on the top photo and above), Nessa (follows Clara's lead, is on the far right in the top photo) and Ruby (shy, has a larger comb and is in the middle above). Hoping they will all make it. Last night I nipped out at dusk and all 3 had gone into the Eglu to sleep, delighted I sneaked up and closed their door.
They spent yesterday in the dark but this morning have a bit of run uncovered so they can come and look out if they feel brave enough. Ruby was sitting on the nest when I left for work, peering nervously at the outside world. The other two came straight out for breakfast.


  1. Have they sorted out the pecking order then? I'm guessing it's Clara then Nessa then Ruby from what you've said above.

    They're well scraggy but their combs are slightly better than our were when they arrived. You'll be amazed how quickly they gain confidence, put on weight, regrow their feathers and learn the wonders of their newfound freedom :D

  2. They're currently scratting around the now half uncovered run, enjoying the morning, err, not-quite-sun, looking curious and a little pleased!

    Think you have the pecking order spot on there, Clara was first out and first to feed, is always in the lead and trailed by Nessa whilst Ruby is quite timid in comparison :)


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