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Monday, 16 August 2010

Nigella and small update

Pretty isn't it, and after it's done flowering and hiding my carrots from the carrot fly I can eat the seeds! It's days like this (a sunny Monday) when I wish I was standing ensconced in vegetable plants and flowers, sun on my face and damp earth under my feet. Alas I am not. Hohum.

Just a short one today, the garden needs a day spent on it, there are peas that are finished and need removing (leaving their roots intact to release nitrogen for the next crop of course) and in their place I shall maybe spread out the kale and pop in a few more kohlrabi (I just read the taste is cabbage turnip related but crisper...I might hate them). The kohlrabi are being savaged to death by slugs (who have now learned where I keep the lettuce), Nath's bought cheap beer to sink into the earth in plastic cups so they can have a party (that's what it's for isn't it?!).

I have room for another crop I think, no idea what I'd put in but there are still things you can plant in August. I was quite pleased when Lynn (Nath's step mum) asked if I'd grown any from seed, as it's pretty much all grown from seed barring the peppers from Nath's sis (now flowering!). I feel quite proud of myself!

The chickens arrive on Sunday, I'll take pictures once they've stopped panicking and settled down. So far barring the house they have not cost much, a bag of ex batts layers crumb, a bag of grit and a 2ltr bottle of apple cider vinegar cost me £11, not bad at all! We need to think of some good chickeny names for them, suggestions welcome.


  1. Yes indeedy, it's for a slug (drowning) party. least they'll expire happy :)

    Even I wouldn't drink Asda own brand economy lager!

  2. I love the cute nigella. Good thing that you already have chickens in your yard. You can make compost soil out of chicken manure. I think chicky is a cute name for a chicken.

  3. Those are just the cutest! I think I wanna lay down on that flower bed and sleep for the whole day! Nigella huh. i will make a Nigella Bed for my room and sleep for the whole day after a hard day's work! LOL. Loved the post! More please!

  4. Thanks, the flowers are all but gone now, just the alien looking seed pods left.

  5. That is really cute and missing it is really the sad thing. I want to try planting nigella in my garden. I just hope that it will look like yours. The color combination is really the best that made your nigella cute!


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