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Wednesday, 7 April 2010 more digging...make it stop!

So, last weekend there was more digging (see title!), we also accomplished the following tasks
  • Filled a second Hippo bag full of stones and turf and bits of unidentifiable plastic gubbins.

  • Cleared out all the fallen conifer bits from round the back of the shed, which are already leaf mould, so I'll stick those in the raised beds.

  • Fixed the slipped fence panel on the back fence that may have been allowing ingress of rats!

  • Noting with delight that the rats now seem to have gone!

  • More digging!

  • Scrubbing the deck(ing) and the patio. to prove it! Note the ridiculous use of New Rock boots to garden in. There is a point actually, they have no treads so I don't trail mud into the house...but they do make you look a bit of a tit while gardening.

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