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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

*hack* *saw* *pound*

Last week saw the delivery of lots of tannalised scaffolding boards, ready to be dropped onto my thumb (sorry, used to make the raised beds!). This weekend saw us putting the first of them up which was quite a time consuming task. As no garden plan survives contact with the enemy the bed had be adjusted to fit on the fly; however that's an added bonus as it looks like we may have boards left to edge our lawn in so Bex can create exciting borders around it!

In other exciting news I may be about to own my first pair of wellies since childhood; with it being birthday time for us we're asking people for various gardening doo-dads and stuff - am quite excited at the thought, especially as the garlic seems to be coming up lovely :) Home grown veg, mmmm...

Hoping to fill the first of the raised beds over the course of the evenings this week, which should let us know how much soil & compost & manure we need for the others; a gardeners work is never done :)

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