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Sunday, 11 April 2010

First Veg!

The first thing planned, all be it in a pot as we still have no raised beds, is Garlic! This is Amy, as you can see she is mightily impressed with the garlic tubs (there are 3). The problem I am finding is that things unknown are nibbling them...could be the pigeons and magpies I keep seeing in the veg garden, or it could be the dreaded rats! One more week of activity and I shall call the council to do a proper investigation in the area, the only activity I can now see is the occasional dropped nibbled food stuff but I can't grow food if something is going to piddle on it or dig it up.


  1. Amy looks proud with her first lot of vegetables :o)

  2. She does insist on coming into the veg garden to have a look. It's particularly important to have a close look at any hammering and sawing going on, in case you might need to help. :o)


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